R8000C-1GHz Premier

R8000C-3GHz Premier


Ultra-Portable Communications System Analyzer

Communications System Analyzer, 1GHz

1 GHz Premier Package w/ highlighted options

3 GHz Premier Package w/ highlighted options

Included Accessories:

  • Internal Lithium Ion Battery (R8100 only)
  • Microphone
  • Oscilloscope Probe
  • Power Cord & AC Adaptor
  • Telescoping Antenna
  • 12V to 16V Converter with cigarette lighter adaptor (R8100 only)
  • 12V to 24V Converter with cigarette lighter adaptor (R8000 only)

Communications System Analyzer Data Sheets including specifications can be found at our library

R8-TGTracking GeneratorOptional
R8-CFCable Fault LocatorOptional
R8-ESADual Display/Enhanced Spectrum AnalyzerOptional
R8-REMOTERemote Front PanelOptionalOptional
R8-3G3GHz CapabilityOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-DMRDMR TestOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-P25P25 Phase 1 TestOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-P25TRNKP25 Phase 1 Trunking TestOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-P25_IIP25 Phase 2 TestOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-NXDNNXDN TestOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-NXDNTYPCNXDN Type C Trunking TestOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-TETRATETRA Subscriber TestOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-DPMRdPMR TestOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-PTC-ITCRPTC Test OptionOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-AT_XTSAutoTune for Motorola XTS2500/5000OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-AT_XTLAutoTune for Motorola XTL Series MobilesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-AT_APXAutoTune for Motorola APX Mobiles & PortablesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-AT_TRBOAutoTune for MOTOTRBO Mobiles & PortablesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-AT_KWNXAutoTune for Kenwood NX SeriesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-AT_XG75AutoTune for Harris XG-75 Mobiles & PortablesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
BATT8100Internal Lithium Ion BatteryN/AN/AN/A
BATT8000Battery Kit, Li-Ion with R8-HC N/AOptionalOptionalOptional
BATT- BP90Spare Battery for R8000N/AOptionalOptionalOptional
CHRG8100Charger for R8100 BatteryOptionalN/AN/AN/A
202907-01External Lithium Ion Battery (North America)N/AOptionalOptionalOptional
202908-01External Lithium Ion Battery (International)N/AOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-VSWRVSWR Bridge KitOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-FT7“Field Test 7” Coverage Mapping KitOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-HCProtective “Glove Case”OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-SCSoft Carrying CaseOptionalOptional
R8-TSCTransit Case With Foam Molding for Soft CaseOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
R8-TCTransit Case With Foam Molding for R8000/R8100OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Foreign Language Soft-key SupportN/AN/AN/A
MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3 Shock & Vibration RatingN/AN/AN/A
Color Enhanced DisplayN/AN/AN/A
Data Entry Capable Tuning KnobN/AN/AN/A
Scalable Power Meter Bar GraphsN/AN/AN/A
R8-3Y3 Year Service Plan (incl. 2 annual calibrations)OptionalOptionalOptional
R8-5Y5 Year Service Plan (incl. 4 annual calibrations)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Motorola, XTS, XTL, APX and MOTOTRBO are trademarks of Motorola Solutions Inc. Harris and XG-75 are trademarks of Harris Corporation.
Field Test 7 is a trademark of Survey Technologies Inc.