In this series of tutorial videos you will learn how to get started using FREEDOM Communications System Analyzers and also how to start using some more advanced features and applications.


Introductory Video


R9000 Welcome to the New World of Communications Test Equipment.


R8100 Overview

Testing P25 RX and TX Bit Error Rate (BER)

P25 Signal Quality Tests

IWCE 2017 Interviews: Mark Humphries

IWCE 2017 Interviews: Frank Fu (Chinese)

R8100 Introducción – características y especificaciones técnicas

Como Sintonizar un Duplexor Utilizando el R8100 de Freedom Communication Technologies

Troubleshooting Transmission Systems: Testing and Aligning a duplexer

Troubleshooting Transmission Systems: Antenna and Cable Testing

Upgrading Firmware

Saving Screenshots

Adding Optional Functionality

Using an External 10 MHz Reference

Generating Audio Tones