Our AutoTuneTM option performs all recommended factory test and alignment procedures in a fraction of the time needed to perform them manually. Just select your radio model and connect as shown on the unit, choose the tests and alignments you wish to perform, then enter your operator ID and press the “start button.”


Transmitter Test

Bit Error Rate(BER)
RF Output Power

Signal Generator

Reference Oscillator
Transmit Deviation Balance
Transmit Deviation Limit
Transmit Power Level

Special Instruments

Rated Audio
SINAD Sensitivity
Noise squelch
Voice Modulation

Reduces radio test and alignment time from an hour or more to 10-12 minutes!

Motorola APX


FREEDOM APX AutoTune verifies these high-performance radios are operating at peak potential by testing and aligning if necessary reference frequency, power, and modulation parameters. Digital performance is also verified by a suite of P25 compliance tests.
Police, fire, and medical first responders rely on the Motorola APX series portable and mobile radios for their mission-critical reliability.



Our Excellent MOTOTRBO AutoTune provides broad test support for keeping these industrial radios operating within Motorola’s specifications for frequency drift, transmit power, and analog modulation. A bevy of included DMR tests makes testing digital compliance straightforward.
Utilities, oil and gas, and transportation personnel utilize Motorola’s MOTOTRBO family of versatile two-way radios to perform their daily activities.

Motorola XTL


Since first released in 2003, Motorola’s XTL radios have made their way into many mission-critical mobile installations, from dispatch consoles to patrol vehicles. AutoTune keeps these legacy models running effieciently and reliably by performing Motorola’s radio service manual alignments and tests, including P25 verification tests like Symbol Deviation and Magnitude Error. For convenience, an AutoTune audio interface accessory is available connecting XTL mobiles to an AutoTune-optioned R8000 for recovered audio measurements.

Motorola XTS


FREEDOM AutoTune XTS performs Motorola’s radio service manual alignments and tests for the XTS family, including P25 verification tests like Symbol Deviation and Magnitude Error. The AutoTune XTS series test suite ensures all critical radio operating parameters are performing within Motorola’s recommended specifications.Motorola’s legacy XTS radios have made their way into many mission-critical LMR installations over the years, from local peace officers to federal field agents.

Harris XG-75


Harris XG-75 series of radios are relied upon by first responders and businesses alike for a wide variety of communication needs. In additional to an extensive analog test and alignment suite, AutoTune support for these Harris models includes complete P25 Phase I and Phase II testing, ensuring your radios operate well on the latest digital P25 networks. Available Harris XG-75 AutoTune accessories make this servicing feature a true turn-key solution.

JVCKenwood NX


Our efficient Radio Test and Alignment AutoTune for NX Series radios provides comprehensive servicing for this growing radio family, including NXDN performance verification. Freedom offers an AutoTune test set accessory for the NX series which combines programming and audio connectivity in one convenient package.
JVCKenwood NX series of industrial-class mobiles and portables serves construction, transportation, and utility markets, among others.

BK Radio KNG series


Relm’s BK Radio KNG series radios offer APCO P25 mission critical performance for industries such as forestry servicing and federal security. AutoTune support for these radios includes standard frequency error and power alignments, and with upcoming enhancements will include modulation, received audio, and RSSI tests, among others. Off-the-shelf Relm accessories are used to perform all measurements, making this AutoTune option a compact, all-in-one solution.

Harris XG-100M


Harris Unity XG-100M line of multi-band P25 radios have served in many capacities including military, state law enforcement, and forestry
industries, to name several. AutoTune performs Harris- specified maintenance testing on these models, ensuring proper operation. FREEDOM offers additional custom accessories for interfacing the XG-100M to the analyzer for measurements, making servicing these models easier than ever.

Harris XL-200P


XL-200P models are the latest innovation from Harris offering a blend of LMR and LTE technologies in a P25 portable package. AutoTune provides complete Harris-specified XL-200P field servicing, including analog and digital P25 testing, all while using standard Harris accessories. Keep your XL-200s performing as they were designed in less time with AutoTune.

XTS AutoTune Setup Diagram

MOTOTRBO AutoTune Status Screen

XLT5000 AutoTune Test Report