Avionics Ramp Test

FREEDOM offers the only LMR test sets with an avionics ramp test option, providing a one-box solution to those testing both ground communications and avionics radio receivers.

Active Flag Test Screen

VOR Main Screen

Our ramp test option includes:


  • Localizer (ILS Horizontal Guidance)
  • Glide Slope (ILS Vertical Guidance)
  • Marker Beacons
  • NDB/ADF (Non-Directional Beacon/ Automatic Direction Finder)
  • VOR

The FREEDOM family of communications system analyzers has been the LMR industry standard for over 10 years.  Fully portable and capable of testing every major LMR protocol, FREEDOM analyzers now feature a capability found nowhere else:  the ability to do avionics radio ramp testing.  Contact your FREEDOM representative to learn about our latest breakthrough in communications testing.

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Avionics Ramp Test App Note

Avionics Ramp Test Highlights