Astronics Test Systems has a variety of technical documents for your reference. These documents are designed to provide you with the necessary information about our products: Brochure, Datasheets, Operators Manuals, User Guides, App Notes, White Papers and practical guidelines


Astronics LMR Test Equipment Product Family

Data Sheets


R8200 VNA




R8-VSWR Return Loss Bridge Kit

Chinese Data Sheets


R8100 (Chinese)

R8000C (Chinese)

R8600 (Chinese)

Spanish Data Sheets

R8200 VNA (Spanish)

Portuguese Data Sheets


R8100 (Portuguese)


AutoTune User guides

Motorola XTL and XTS

Motorola APX


Kenwood NX

Kenwood NX 3000/5000

Kenwood/EFJ Viking

Harris XG-75

Harris XG-100 Mobile

Harris XL-200 Portable

BK Radio KNG-Pxxx Series Portable

App Notes and User Guides

Analog LMR/PMR


Duplexer Tuning


P25 Conventional

Swept Return Loss and VSWR using RF Bridge

Testing Motorola P25 Phase 2

Testing P25 Phase 2

Combiner Tuning

Testing Codan MT-4E Radios

TETRA TMO Operating Guide

TETRA Base Station Test and Monitoring

PAT User's Guide

TETRA Base Station T1 Testing 

Setting up  P25 Phase 1 Trunking Simulator for Motorola Radios

Testing DMR Devices in Operational (Live) Mode 

PAT User's Guide

Process Automation Toolkit User Guide

Avionics Ramp Testing Using FREEDOM Analyzers 

Using the Cable Sweep Feature in FREEDOM Analyzers 

R8200 VNA Overview

Swept Return Loss and VSWR using RF Bridge (Spanish)

Duplexer Tuning (Spanish)

Ajuste de un Combinador de RF usando un Generador de Seguimiento

Barrido de pérdida de retorno y mediciones

Utilizacion del Barrido de Cable

TETRA TMO Guia del Usuario

DMR App Note Testing MOTOTRBO™ Radios

Duplexer Tuning

NXDN App Note Testing Kenwood and ICOM

Swept Return Loss & VSWR Antenna Measurements

Testing Analog PMR Radios

Testing Motorola P25 Phase 2 Radios

TETRA Base Station Test and Monitoring (Chinese)

TETRA TMO Operating Guide (Chinese)

Programmer’s Guide

R8000 Monitor & Control

Change Log

Change Log

White Papers

P25 II White Paper R8100

PTC Radio Testing – MC Magazine Feb 2017