Freedom Introducing TETRA TMO Handset Test at PMR Expo in Cologne, Germany

Freedom Communication Technologies will be demonstrating an industry-first at PMR Expo from November 28th through 30th in Cologne, Germany: A comprehensive TETRA TMO handset test solution in an affordable, fully portable (6kg) instrument!

With the introduction of our TETRA TMO test suite, Freedom further establishes itself as the unquestioned industry leader in PMR testing. The option performs all of the following measurements:


  • RF Power
  • Carrier Frequency Offset
  • Burst Power Profile Over Time
  • Timing Error
  • Peak & RMS Vector Error
  • Residual Carrier Power
  • Unwanted Output Power
  • Modulation Spectrum
  • Constellation Diagram



  • Single Ended and Loopback Bit Error Rate (BER) and Message Erasure Rate (MER)
  • Test signals supported:
  • Type 1: TCH/7,2
  • Type 2: SCH/F
  • Type 3: BSCH +SCH/HD
  • Type 15: TCH/S PRBS tests
  • Paging Sensitivity


All test results are colour coded for instant pass/fail analysis, and the user is given the ability to create and save user-defined test limits.

Be sure to visit us in Stand A01 at PMR Expo!

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